Harshit means “Happiness”.

Thanks, for taking the time to know me.

Writing an “About me” page may be one of the hardest pages I’ve written on this blog.

How on earth do I convince you that I’m wonderful/funny/interesting/fantastic and that you should follow my blog…  without sounding totally egotistic?


Okay, I am Harshit V. Saxena

By the way ‘Harshit’ is a Hindi language word which translates to ‘Happiness’  in English and that’s the tagline “Harshit means ‘Happiness’“.

I was born in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, but have been travelling for most of my life (my Dad had a job like that when I was a kid). And if someone asks me where I am from:

“India” (swag – desiSwag)

I am currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at SRM University, Kattankulathur and presently staying at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

And yeah, I co-founded “HashBee Tech Pvt. Ltd.”, one of the things I am really proud of, and never misses a chance to brag about it.


By heart I am an Entrepreneur, and a computer geek. I admit, I do not have simple tastes and I am very fortunate that I find out my love of entrepreneurship at a very early age. When my friends were trying hard to find out, what they really want to do in their life, I was already doing what I love. I am fortunate that god send me help, it took five punches from a stranger directly to my face to learn that, but it was worth. It always amazes me how life and time teaches you lessons and they always have a wow factor added to them.

HashBee Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Me and my friend ‘Ashutosh Anand’ recently incorporated HashBee Tech Pvt. Ltd. It’s a technology company and we focus on only one thing, how we can accelerate the development of India through technology. The problem today is we are not seriously taking steps to tackle real problems in this country and the biggest ones are education, healthcare and poverty.

We at HashBee believe that if somehow we are able to improve education infrastructure in India it will tackle most of the problems because as soon as people of a country are educated, they will be able to improve life standard by themselves, no need of vague government schemes.

So while believing that Education is the prime factor which will make India developed, we at HashBee are developing technologies related to the Education sector.


Our website www.prismo.in is just a step in what I have explained above. It is a system where any person eager to learn anything can find tutors online and most importantly learn online. We have eliminated the need of infrastructure for starting up an educational institute. Also, it bridges the gap between a teacher and student as anyone can learn and anyone can teach from the comfort of their home.

My Technical Skill Sets

The skill sets I am talking about is not based on what I have learned but based on the experience I have. I have at least  1 year experience in these things:

  1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript (Web Designing)
  2. PHP/MySQL (Backend Development)
  3. jQuery/AngularJS (Web Designing)
  4. WordPress
  5. Bootstrap
  6. ionic (Framework for mobile app development)
  7. Amazon Web Services(AWS)(Server Management)


 My Bucket List

  1. Start Blogging (Done)
  2. Read 100 Books This Year (Current Count – 20)
  3. Travel (Persuing)
  4. Okay, I can’t think of things now…

You know what, I think bucket list are for those who are not able to do what they love or dream, it’s just a reminder to them of the things they have to do in future. I have no bucket list because I’m doing what I love. (Yeah! Swag again).

Thank You.

Thank you so much for listening to my blah-blah-blah and being patient and making to the end (Yo- you made it! I never thought you would be able to finish it). Jokes apart, it always feels good to share about my life with someone and you were a perfect listener, I will give you that. 😉

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